To Our Beloved Church

If only more people would have walked through your doors each Sunday at 9:30am to receive the Holy Eucharist and feel the unmistakable presence of our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. 

If only more people would have known we believe they would have come, to pray, to cry, to feel less lonely, to be accepted unconditionally, to sing and be joyful, to belong and to be embraced by the unique and diverse family of every kind of people that call Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish home. 

They would have felt the warmth, seen the genuine smiles, experienced the hope and the hugs and the gratitude. They would have been part of the laughter shared after Mass in our community room where everyone is invited and everyone is family. 

Our dear beloved church we tried so hard that more would know that the True and Unconditional Love of Christ lives here and we are on fire for this purpose.  This is Christ's home and all are welcome in this place no matter what no matter who. This is Christ's home and we are His servants, His children. This is Christ's home and everyone who enters is equally loved by Him and is deserving of our love and respect and help. This is Christ's home, and we never forget that. 

Dear Lord as Your good and faithful servants we will share Your Love and will serve you however and wherever you lead us. We have experienced first hand that "we can change the world we live in one act of Christ's Unconditional Love at a time."

We humbly ask that You will preserve this Sacred place so that Mass can and will always be celebrated within these walls. Let it continue to serve You and Your people with highest love and  in accordance to Your Holy Will. 

Please Lord and Blessed Mother Mary watch over the family of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish and help us through the sadness of this transition. Only you know our hearts. Only you know what lies beneath the tears on the faces of those who each Sunday at 9:30am walked through the doors of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish. 

And if by some miracle you should invite us to serve you here again we say, yes Lord yes!

With deepest gratitude, 

The faith family of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish




Miraculous Medals of Our Blessed Mother Mary - "Pass it on!

If you did not receive your Miraculous Medals please be sure to pick them up along with printed copies of these special prayers when you come to Mass on February 23rd and March 1st. Both are located at the front and side entrances of the church.

Each bag contains several medals. One is to keep and the others are to "pass on".


Deacon John DiTaranto

Pastoral Administrator

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish

A Sign of Good Things to Come!

Opening Day! Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Billboard!


Lamar billboard team and Our Lady of Good Counsel Parishioner Bob Lisi

in front of our billboard that just went up today,

We invite you to see it on the corner of Main Street and  Stoehrs Place  in Bridgeport! 

Christ's Message of Love is Our Message of Love!


Our Lady of Good Counsel Leadership Team

extends a warm welcome to all. 

Come and experience the True Love of Christ!

All are welcome... All are Loved!

21 Parishioners Consecrated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary!


Ready to give and serve with Joy!


Our Lady of Good Counsel Kids Make Joyful Noise!

Children learn to build musical instruments!


Children at Our Lady of Good Counsel  attended a musical instrument making class taught by 

James Moss, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish parishioner, choir member, and founder of "Mother Earth Music" 

Classes are free and children get to  keep the instruments they make! Stay tuned for upcoming classes. 

Instruments are made from natural raw materials!


Joy Continues and Love Grows!

Bringing Christ's Love to our Community!


 How blessed is our Community of Our Lady of Good Counsel to have 

Sr. Theresa Tremblay, who not only shepherds the flock at the Chapel through her kindness and welcoming smile at our doors on Sunday......

Sharing Christ's Light with generations of children!


...but recently hosted over 200+ needy families to her Convent on North Ave in Bridgeport for food, fellowship and fun!  She truly is a Good and Faithful Servant of our Lord and us!  We love you, Sr. Theresa!

Our Friends the Dominican Sisters


Many of you may not know but the Community of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, the Dominican Sisters out of Ann Arbor, MI have been “Prayer Partners” with Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel.  So what does that mean?  It means that every single day over 140+ Sisters bring our Parish and the intentions within before our Lord in their Chapel in Ann Arbor!  

Partners in Prayer and Partners in Christ!


The Power of Prayer can change lives and futures both individually and for our Parish!  Thank you Sisters for being our Partners in Christ!”

You Are the Light!

"This little light of mine"


Come and hear the wonderful  children from 

our Faith Formation classes sing with the choir!


Parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish make a promise to share their light and invite others to church. 

All are invited to experience the Love of Christ in our warm, welcoming and vibrant faith community!

Come and feel the warmth and love of our beautiful faith family.

Smiling faces of saints in the making!


Adult bible study led by  Rose M. Talbot-Babey,  Director of Faith Formation for the Diocese of Bridgeport .  Join us each Sunday at 11:15 am and see what all the smiling is about!

Sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism-Christ's own forever


Joyful Baptismal Ceremonies September 9, 2018


Come Holy Spirit and let us receive Thy Gifts!

Prayer to receive the Gifts of The Holy Spirit

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who,  before ascending into heaven,  didst promise to send the Holy Ghost  to finish Thy work in the souls  of Thy Apostles and Disciples,  deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me,  that He may perfect in my soul  the work of Thy grace and Thy love.   Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom
that I may despise the perishable things of this world  and aspire only after the things that are eternal,

 the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten my mind  with the light of Thy divine truth,

 the Spirit of Counsel  that I may ever choose the surest way  of pleasing God and gaining Heaven,

 the Spirit of Fortitude  that I may bear my cross with Thee,  and that I may overcome with courage
all the obstacles that oppose my salvation, the Spirit of Knowledge  that I may know God and know myself  and grow perfect in the science of the Saints, the Spirit of Piety  that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable, the Spirit of Fear  that I may be filled with a loving reverence towards God,
and may dread in any way to displease Him.  Mark me, dear Lord,  with the sign of Thy true disciples
and animate me in all things with Thy Spirit.  Amen. 


Please join us in this daily Prayer for Vocations

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All are welcome! All are loved!

In the NAME of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and HIS Blessed Mother Mary, the parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Community warmly welcome you. Here you will find the unconditional Love of a humble but passionate  faith community dedicated  to following the gentle ways of Our Blessed Mother Mary and the compassionate teachings of her DIVINE SON JESUS.


We can change the world we live in one act of Christ's Unconditional Love at a time

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