GOD Rocks Youth Ministry

GOD Rocks Youth Ministry

GOD Rocks Youth Ministry


Sister Theresa Tremblay's Daughters of Charity Preschool and Rescue Mission, Bridgeport, CT


Our teen youth group meets  weekly on Sunday afternoons from 4 to 6pm at Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel Church Hall 163 Ortega Ave Bridgeport, Ct.

We acknowledge and respect the diverse culture and personal  differences in each of our youths. Our goal is to instill confidence and optimism that each of them  has God-given talents and the ability to meet the challenges of life and achieve meaning and success in their family life, school  life and spiritual life. 

We also emphasize the value of local community service. Participants maintain prayer journals and  socialize in a positive environment.

             L- Love

             All youths from all cultural diversities are welcome to join our youth group. Volunteers are needed to help mentor this group.Call Sister Theresa Tremblay for more information at 203-334-7000 between 7 am and 4 pm.

Sister Theresa Tremblay

GOD Rocks Youth Ministry

GOD Rocks Youth Ministry


For more information on Sister Theresa, the Daughters of Charity and 

the good works they provide in our community such as Preschool, Food Bank, Clothing, Furniture and more 

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GOD Rocks Youth Ministry